The Mercedes-Benz EQC SUV makes its Canadian Premiere at the Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS)

  • Canadian Premiere of the first fully-electric vehicle from Mercedes-Benz
  • Launch of the "EQ Ready" app to help consumers understand whether they are suitable candidates for electric mobility
  • Other highlights including the A-Class Sedan and Hatch, the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe, and a new GLE SUV that will really put on a show

The first fully-electric vehicle from Mercedes-Benz, the EQC SUV, will make its Canadian Premiere at the Canadian International AutoShow (CIAS). The vehicle is the forerunner for the Mercedes-Benz brand for e-mobility, EQ. It will be on display at CIAS from February 15-24 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, along with other highlights such as Mercedes-Benz's new entry in the compact class, the A-Class Hatch and Sedan, a sports car that pairs the performance of a racecar with day-to-day practicality, the AMG GT 4-Door Coupe and a unique "dancing" GLE SUV that will really put on a show for visitors throughout opening weekend.

"Our display at CIAS really highlights the breadth of our portfolio and the exciting options we offer across so many market segments. We're excited to soon add fully-electric options to that mix. Our EQ line – and the Canadian Premiere of the EQC SUV - is a key focus at this year's show," says Brian D. Fulton, President & CEO, Mercedes-Benz Canada. "With its impressive combination of quality, safety, comfort, design and technology, the EQC offers everything drivers have come to expect from Mercedes-Benz – now with an electric powertrain. Arriving in Canada in early 2020, it is the forerunner for our EQ line-up, which by 2022 will have expanded to include fully electric options in all key market segments from smart right up to large SUVs."

As the first fully-electric vehicle by Mercedes-Benz in its EQ line-up, the EQC exemplifies the design idiom of "Progressive Luxury," which is characterized by contrasting digital and analogue elements. With muscular proportions, an extended roofline, and a coupe-like roof recess at the rear, the EQC is classified as an SUV crossover. It's powered by an all-new drive system with compact electric drivetrains at each axle, which give the vehicle all-wheel drive. Together, these motors generate an output of approximately 402 hp and a combined maximum torque of 564 lb-ft. The EQC comes equipped with Mercedes me connect, which gives customers convenient access to charging stations operated by numerous providers, thus making electric mobility convenient and suitable for day-to-day driving.

Are you "EQ Ready?"

In conjunction with the Canadian Premiere of the EQC, Mercedes-Benz Canada has released the EQ Ready app, a free app that is available to download for Android or iOS. The easy-to-use app helps Canadian understand if they are ready for electric mobility. Via smartphone, it records the distances covered in a vehicle, analyzing individual mobility behaviours and pairing the data with variables such as temperature and terrain, to show users how their regular driving behaviour would impact the state of charge of electric vehicles from the EQ line-up.

"As we prepare to bring our first fully-electric Mercedes-Benz to the Canadian market, we understand that range anxiety and questions about the charging infrastructure still exist for many Canadians," says Fulton. "With the EQ Ready app, Canadians can easily see whether day-to-day electric mobility makes sense for them based on their driving patterns and the charging infrastructure along their regular routes."

To ensure the company is "EQ Ready," Mercedes-Benz has made substantial investments to prepare for the electrification of its fleet. In January, it announced plans to add a ninth factory to its global battery production network. The global production network includes battery factories on three continents, including North America where a battery plant is under construction in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. In December 2018, the company announced it would be buying more than 20 billion euros (30 billion CAD) worth of battery cells by 2030. The worldwide network of battery factories will allow Mercedes-Benz to react flexibly and efficiently to market demands and requirements as the luxury manufacturer electrifies its fleet.

By 2022, the Mercedes-Benz EQ line-up will have expanded to offer Canadians fully electric options in all key market segments from smart right up to large SUVs.

Other highlights from Mercedes-Benz at CIAS:

  • Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX)

MBUX features a powerful computer, high-resolution graphics, fully-customizable displays, Augmented Reality navigation, and software that can learn and respond to natural speech.  It has revolutionized the relationship between car and driver, having been described as a feature that turns the vehicle into "a smartphone on wheels." The natural voice-control feature can recognize and respond to an ever-expanding list of topics. For example, "Find Italian restaurants with at least four stars that are open for lunch but exclude pizza shops,", "Hey Mercedes, how did the Toronto Raptors play?", "How did the Apple share price performed compared to Microsoft?", "What is the square root of 9?", "How big is Texas?", "What is the fat content of avocados?". Due to the ongoing development of the system and over-the-air updates, the MBUX system will continue to improve and expand its scope to better serve drivers.

  • Mercedes-Benz GLE 450 4MATIC SUV

"The GLE is the first in a series of exciting updates to our SUV lineup this year. SUVs will be a key focus for Mercedes-Benz in 2019 as our portfolio evolves to match consumer demand in this segment," says Fulton. "We are determined to reinforce our leadership in this segment and there is a lot to look forward to as we update our SUV family."

For model year 2020, the GLE has been updated with a wealth of new innovations and features. The exterior sets a new standard for aerodynamics in the SUV segment, while the interior is more spacious and comfortable than ever before with a longer wheelbase and third row seating now available.

A "dancing" GLE is sure to be a highlight of the 2019 CIAS. The vehicle will perform two shows a day – at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. - throughout opening weekend, grooving to the music thanks to a new optional feature called E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL. This is a fully networked hydropneumatic, active suspension that works by combining the 48-volt technology of the GLE 450 with the newly developed optional air suspension, which allows the spring and damping forces to be individually controlled at each wheel. This has the effect of not only counteracting body roll, but also pitching and squat.

  • Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4MATIC+ 4 Door Coupe

The Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4MATIC+ 4 Door Coupe will be a major attraction among the vehicles featured on the AMG Runway at the 2019 CIAS Mercedes-Benz display.

It is the most powerful vehicle in the Mercedes-Benz lineup, offering extra space and versatility without sacrificing heart-pounding performance. It features a handcrafted AMG V8 engine that delivers 630 hp and 664 lb-ft of torque, racing from 0-100 km/hr in 3.2 seconds. That exhilarating performance is paired with everyday comfort, four doors, and two rows of seating, along with a wealth of exclusive interior features such as intuitive touch controls and a widescreen cockpit.


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