The new MANUFAKTUR label – exclusive equipment for individual customer wishes

The Mercedes-Benz brand stands for luxury and fascination like hardly any other. The design, styling and different equipment lines express the personal lifestyles of customers. With the new "MANUFAKTUR" label, Mercedes-Benz is doing even more justice to customers' growing desire for more individuality, and is enhancing the existing product portfolio with additional exclusivity and luxury: selected materials which are predominantly processed by hand, exclusive paint finishes and high-quality embellishments in the interior offer a wide range of options for an individual appearance. A corresponding program has already been available for the G-Class for several years: the "G manufaktur" presents its own selection of materials and colours specially adapted to the vehicle architecture. With the introduction of the new MANUFAKTUR label, Mercedes-Benz now also offers a corresponding customization program for other model series such as the CLS, the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe and the S-Class Long-Wheelbase, as well as the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. Unique special editions designed to highlight the new MANUFKATUR offering have been developed for the Canadian market. These are available for the 2022 model year as the "Icon Edition" on the CLS 450 4MATIC and as the "MANUFAKTUR Edition" for the Mercedes-AMG GT 53 4MATIC+, S 580 4MATIC Sedan, and Mercedes-Maybach S 580 4MATIC Sedan models.

Buying a new vehicle means making numerous decisions at the same time. After all, your own car is always part of your personal everyday life, and an expression of your own lifestyle. In addition to a choice of engine, colour, interior equipment and comfort features, Mercedes-Benz customers are offered many options with which they can tailor their dream vehicle to their needs. For those who are also looking for something special in terms of paintwork, leather upholstery and interior design, Mercedes-Benz now offers further, exclusive customization options for selected model series with the new MANUFAKTUR label. These combine luxurious craftsmanship, the highest quality materials and fascinating design.

Mercedes-Benz customers can expect an ambience characterized by an equally aesthetic and extraordinary colour concept, the finest materials, sensual comfort and exclusive trim elements in piano lacquer or wood. The excellence of the craftsmanship is visible and tangible in the embroidery, the leatherwork and the carefully applied trim elements. The attention to detail is particularly highlighted in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Long-Wheelbase and the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, by the MANUFAKTUR lettering in chrome look on the centre console and as discreet embroidery on the parcel shelf, as it is a result of a high-quality manufacturing process with selected, first-class materials.

One of the most expressive features of a vehicle is its colour. The MANUFAKTUR range offers an exclusive selection of special paint finishes – both silky matte and high-gloss metallic, or rich non-metallic colours. Some of these colours are reminiscent of Mercedes-Benz history. MANUFAKTUR Classic Grey was already part of the colour range until the early 1960s and adorned the legendary 300 SL "Gullwing" as a special colour. MANUFAKTUR Graphite Grey Metallic and MANUFAKTUR Emerald Green Metallic were among the exclusive exterior options in the 1980s, while MANUFAKTUR Classic Blue was a popular choice for the E-Class (W123) and the S-Class (W126) in the 1990s. The trend towards a satin finish is reflected in fine, elegant finishes such as MANUFAKTUR Cashmere White MAGNO and MANUFAKTUR Kalahari Gold MAGNO, or the sporty MANUFAKTUR Night Black MAGNO. All MANUFAKTUR paint finishes exude high quality, and underline the fascination of Mercedes-Benz vehicles and their dynamic lines.

Fine, high-quality nappa leather with unusual contrasting colour concepts characterizes the ambience in the interior. This is where the classic MANUFAKTUR Deep White/Black comes back to life, as does the iconic special upholstery colour MANUFAKTUR Pastel Yellow/Black, which was available for the S-Class until 2012. Also in combination with black, other leather colours such as MANUFAKTUR Nut Brown/Black, MANUFAKTUR Truffle Brown/Black or maritime MANUFAKTUR Yacht Blue/Black stand for the highest individual elegance. The intricate diamond-pattern stitching further enhances the exclusive look, and ensures particularly pleasant seating comfort. For the S-Class, tone-on-tone additional cushions with an embroidered logo are included – depending on the model and equipment requirements, either the Mercedes-Benz star, the double-M rhombus of Mercedes-Maybach or Mercedes-AMG lettering in the floor mats, for example. These trademarks can also be embroidered in gold or platinum to further enhance the luxurious ambience.

In combination with the selected upholstery, customers receive further refined components for a coherent and consistently high-quality overall impression. For example, the handcrafted, two-tone MANUFAKTUR leather steering wheel as well as the door centre panels, the armrest and the lower section of the instrument panel are also lined with fine nappa leather. The precise stitching and excellent fit are testament to the high level of craftsmanship of the saddlers who fashion all leather components from the finest materials.

Another noble highlight that can be additionally selected is the MANUFAKTUR headliner made entirely of nappa leather with double-stitched Maybach rhombus. It consists of a rear central panel in a contrasting colour with diamond quilting and a middle central panel in a contrasting colour without diamond quilting. The harmonious interior is complemented by high-quality thick-pile floor mats edged with the chosen nappa leather in a contrasting colour. Depending on the equipment selected, they can be embroidered with the Mercedes-Benz star, the Maybach logo or Mercedes-AMG lettering. The brand logos are also repeated on the door sill panels, where they are additionally illuminated and bordered by the current Mercedes Star pattern or, in the case of the Mercedes-Maybach, by the current Maybach pattern.

A real eye-catcher that underlines the brand presence is the MANUFAKTUR surround lighting with animated projection. When the doors are opened, animated Mercedes-Benz or Mercedes-Maybach patterns using sophisticated LCD technology light up and elegantly illuminate both the front and rear entry areas. This special lightshow is made possible by four LCD projectors embedded in the front and rear doors, which deactivate themselves after ten minutes.

The MANUFAKTUR program is available for the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, the Mercedes-Benz CLS and S-Class Long-Wheelbase, and the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe. For the CLS, customers can choose between various paint finishes, including an attractive shade of blue called MANUFAKTUR Cote d'Azur Bright Blue Metallic, as well as attractive leather variants. The range also includes a leather steering wheel, and luggage compartment and floor mats to match the interior. Various paint finishes are also available for the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe, among them MANUFAKTUR Rubellite Red Metallic, as well as various leather variants. In addition, there is a two-tone leather steering wheel, floor mats with embroidered AMG lettering and decal sets in three colour variants for the side skirts.

In Canada, special editions have been curated to highlight the customization possible as part of the new MANUFAKTUR program, namely:

  • Icon Edition
    Available exclusively on the 2022 CLS 450 4MATIC, the new “Icon Edition” celebrates everything that makes the CLS a timeless trendsetter. The exterior of the edition is highlighted by limited production MANUFAKTUR Classic Blue paintwork, a dynamic AMG rear spoiler, and two-tone AMG 20-inch wheels without the typical accompaniment of Night Package styling elements. The interior delights occupants with crisp MANUFAKTUR Deep White/Black nappa leather, matching MANUFAKTUR thick-pile floor mats with leather surrounds, and the timeless appeal of the MANUFAKTUR Piano Black flowing lines trim and MANUFAKTUR black DINAMICA headliner. The edition is completed by a MANUFAKTUR velour trunk mat.
  • MANUFAKTUR Edition
    On the 2022 Mercedes-AMG GT 53 4MATIC+ 4-Door Coupe, a new “MANUFAKTUR Edition” aims to showcase the breadth of individualization possible. Draped on the backdrop of the aggressive AMG Exterior Styling Package, a stunning MANUFAKTUR Rubellite Red hue sets the tone for the exterior. While on the interior, MANUFAKTUR Neva Grey/Black nappa leather works in tandem with the MANUFAKTUR two-tone steering wheel to capture the heart of the driver. Matching MANUFAKTUR floor mats with leather surrounds aim to give occupants an idea that they are a passenger in something truly special.

    The 2022 S 580 4MATIC Long Wheelbase and 2022 Mercedes-Maybach S 580 4MATIC Sedan also feature a “MANUFAKTUR Edition”. Both version of the edition feature the menacing MANUFAKTUR Night Black MAGNO paint colour. As with any S-Class, what’s truly special is what lies inside. For the S 580 4MATIC Long Wheelbase, MANUFAKTUR Yacht Blue/Black nappa leather is set against platinum coloured contrast stitching. For the Mercedes-Maybach S 580 4MATIC Sedan, MANUFAKTUR Deep White/Black nappa leather is paired with gold coloured stitching to create an unforgettable contrast. A timeless script-font MANUFAKTUR badge on the front centre console, among many other unique appointments, aim to impress and delight at every possible opportunity

In general, the MANUFAKTUR label will be extended to other model series in the coming years. In the future, selected sub-brands such as AMG, Maybach and EQ will also be available with MANUFAKTUR paint finishes and equipment. With the introduction of the MANUFAKTUR label, the previous individualization portfolio and label “designo” will be replaced entirely.

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